Watercolor Portraits

  • 5 x 7 " $75
  • 8 x 10" $95
  • 11 x 14" 120
  • 15 x 20" $150
  • 20 x 28" $300
  • 30 x 40" Call or email for price.
  • Shipping & Handling is additional.

All of the prices above are without backgrounds. Add 25-50% for backgrounds or multiple portraits on same board. Call or email for more information. Most backgrounds are vignetted. All portrait work is not for resale in any form but can be used in advertising of a particular animal in an ad but must have my name/copyright symbol on the art. I reserve the right to use the art in my own advertising. 

Logo Design

Black and white, camera ready artwork for a ranch or kennel logo is $300. Logos usually include an image and type, as shown on my logo page. I require a 50% deposit and the remainder is due upon a jpeg version proof to send final art. All art is sent via email in various different sizes in .eps and .pdf forms and is considered "camera ready". 

The design process includes 5-7 rough sketches that are usually hand drawn. From there, one or two sketches are picked to refine. When the refining process is done, a final is done.

Color is additional and can run between $25-$100 depending on the design and corrections.

Business cards/Stationary also run an additional $25-$50 depending on design and corrections.

Logo art is owned outright by the client. I reserve the right to use the logo in my own advertising.

Custom Sculpture/Bronze

Contact me for quotes.